Mathieu Triclot

Mathieu Triclot teaches philosophy at the University of Technology of Belfort-Montbéliard (France). His research belongs to the French tradition of "philosophy of technical milieux" (Simondon, Beaune, Stiegler). His first works focused on the history of American cybernetics and the invention of the notion of information (Le moment cybernétique). In particular, he showed how the first cybernetics defended a non-symbolic, but physicalist, conception of information. This alternative conception of information has an impact on the development of artificial intelligence paradigms. Since the publication of Philosophie des jeux vidéo, he has participated in the development of game studies in the French-speaking world, notably by defending the perspective of play studies, centered on the phenomenological analysis of the regimes of experience with the computing machine. He has participated in numerous research projects in the field and is now focusing on the problems of a "techno-aesthetic" and the analogies between games and music or dance, focusing in particular on the relationship between gesture, computer program and image. More recently, his research focuses on the role that the notion of "technical milieux" can play in the context of design and the reform of engineering training. This reflection is rooted in the practice of leading multidisciplinary teams in humanities and social sciences within technological projects.