Volker Scheid

Prof. Volker Scheid is an Affiliated Scholar at the Max Planck Institut für Wissenschaftsgeschichte (Berlin) and Visiting Professor at the University of Westminster (London), where he was Director of the EASTmedicine (East Asian Sciences and Traditions in Medicine) Research Group from 2004 to 2018. His academic research focuses on exploring the transformations of Chinese medicine from the seventeenth century to the present from an interdisciplinary perspective that draws on history, anthropology, areas and science studies. His goal is to find a way of re-thinking Chinese medicine that emerges organically from the history of Chinese medicine itself rather than approaching it through the mythologies of practitioner perspectives or the epistemic biases of the western academe. He is also a practitioner of Chinese medicine for almost forty years.

Art, Technology, and Philosophy (I) Departing from the Microcosmos

How Chinese Medicine Became German:
Holism, Systems, and Free Flow

Art, Technology, and Philosophy (I) Departing from the Microcosmos

Art, Technology and Philosophy Symposium (I)
Departing From the Microcosmos