Field Trip

18 April 2021, Shenzhen, Guangzhou


An Audio Report

Cai Yuening produced a piece of electronic music as a response to the Tech Field Trip in Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area, click the link to listen.

Cai Yuening is an artist with a background in Architecture and Aesthetics. In her recent works, she focuses on research, including the sonic metaphor of power structure and narrative and the virtualization of public space. She usually uses sound, video, text, and the Internet as media in her artistic approaches. She founded the conceptual label Metasonar in 2019 and is currently a collaborated artist at Zhu Zheqin Sound Laboratory of Tongji University.

About Field Trip

Field Trip consists of a series of interdisciplinary site visits, dialogues, and surveys around the subject of research, making its report an essential part of observing media ecology.