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16 December 2020

Conversation with Simon Denny: Extractor Game under Digital Economy


Simon Denny


Yujia Bian

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Welcome to the #6 of neo-Portal, which is also the first episode that’s conducted in English. This time we invited artist Simon Denny to join us for a discussion about how his practices are related to technology, with a special focus on Games and Blockchain.

02:25 Denny speaks about his recent engagement with the tech scene

05:20 Denny made Patagonia Objects out of Margaret Thatcher's scarf and showed them at the Altman Siegel Gallery in January

10:45 Mapping complexity in Denny's works

14:00 The game "Extractor" in Denny's 2019 show called Mine, shown at the Museum of Old and New Art in Tasmania and followed by an online version in Düsseldorf

26:30 The choice of the online platform Minecraft in displaying Denny's work

27:36 How decentralized finance is taking place in various parts of the world

32:30 Denny's recent collaborated project with artist Stephanie Dinkins on racialized AI

38:22 In collaboration with the Distributed Gallery, Denny made a reproduction of auctioned CryptoKittie

About Neo-Portal

Neo-portal is an investigative podcast series on practices in art and technology.