Lecture Series

18 December 2021


3C Xing Yi Quan Workshop


Xia Lin


media lab

Xia Lin’s ongoing project "3C Xing Yi Quan" is an open-source new style of martial arts that imitates the body language and characteristics of technological 3C products (3C is Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics.) Xin Yi Quan is a form of internal martial arts and is based on capturing the essence of animal behavioral ecology. Through informed movements, the exercise fosters a deeper understanding of familiar technological gadgets that are an intimate part of our daily lives. The highest "Xing Yi 形意" is "to be," learn from these products by imitation, experience, and cohabitation, in order to find a sense of symbiosis and enjoyment with our new technological nature.

In this workshop, Artist Xia Lin will introduce "3C Xing Yi Quan" and lead participants to develop work from home (WFH) movements during the Pandemic Time.

3C Xing Yi Quan Workshop was hosted by Xia Lin at the East Hall of Guangdong Times Museum on December 18, 2021.

Xia Lin employs multimedia, video, text, and performance for an artistic practice that concerns Tai Chi philosophy, martial arts, and cognitive processes of humans and machines. Xia’s ongoing project 3C Xing Yi Quan is a new form of internal martial arts that seeks to grasp the essence of mobile computer gadgets and accessories. The practice helps mind and body equilibrium in the digital age. Xia is a co-founder of, a Taipei-based art collective founded in 2013. Its initiative "Future Tao" is an ongoing exploration of Taoist interpretations of technology in today’s context of living. While departing from a specific worldview, the project seeks to engage with a broad scope of affinitive knowledge structures with a shared interest in cohabitation, universalism, and flow. While the project has mostly operated within the context of contemporary art, it seeks to bring the potential of art back to its original social function of mediation.

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